Dr. Rosalind Hall
�Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.�
~John Maxwell
Dear Colleagues,

It has been my distinct pleasure and honor to serve as your President of Florida CASE from 2012-2016. After an exhilarating, inspirational and rewarding four (4) years, it is time to say �farewell.� As President, I am amazed of the accomplishments and outcomes we have experienced. I have been blessed to be surrounded by such a talented and dedicated group of professionals both at the state and national level who have been inspirational in moving our organization forward and a special thank you to my exemplar and passionate Board. I could not ask for a more dedicated group of colleagues than the members on the Board beginning in 2012. I have wonderful memories and have developed lasting friendships that I will treasure forever; it has been an absolute joy serving you!

Our partnership with the Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services, Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System, Institute for Small and Rural Districts, Florida Council for Exceptional Children, and Division on Career Development and Transition have been rewarding as we work diligently to improve the success of children and youth with disabilities. You shared my passion and resilience that ignited our mission and gave meaning to our vision.

Over the past four (4) years, we have accomplished extraordinary achievements, including but not limited to:
  • Established a nonprofit status 501c(6)
  • Established Florida CASE Incorporated
  • Reinventing Special Education Initiative
  • Extended our collaboration and monetary support with organizations that support our mission
  • Extended our collaboration with FDOE Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services
  • Awarded CASE National Highest Increase in Membership
  • Hosted seven (7) CASE Winter Hybrid Conferences
  • Increased the participation of our educational vendors
  • Increased our participation in the Legislative Leadership Summit; Washington, DC
  • Increased Landis Stetler Scholarship
  • New membership recognition: Rookie of the Year, Outstanding ESE Administrator, and Lifetime Achievement
  • Monetary support to the Special Education work being done abroad in Haiti in collaboration with Florida Council for Exceptional Children and supported the publication of the book titled "The First Educational Publication of the Haitian Teachers Association"

We are leading by example in furthering the Florida CASE mission to improve our practices, elevate our standards and advance our profession. Each and every day your actions and words are making a positive difference. This is what great leaders do and this is what your Board has accomplished with your support.

On behalf of my family, I thank you for this great life experience, and your support and friendship during my tenure. Because of your collective dedication and faithfulness to our mission, we can be as excited about our future as we are proud of our past. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my passion and vision for our great organization and be of service to you. A special thank you to my dedicated and loving husband Arnett and our sons, Arnett II and Alexian for their love and support, I love you will all my heart! A special thank you to my mother for her love and support. I love you with all my heart! I also thank God for this amazing opportunity and the blessings that he has bestowed upon me.

Finally, I graciously introduce to you our incoming President, Mrs. Cathy Dofka. Cathy is the Director of ESE and Student Services in Hernando School District. I am confident that Florida CASE�s future will continue to be bright and that our organization is uniquely capable of identifying and meeting the challenges ahead. Let us continue to grow in strength and stability as we promote proactive leadership in the development and improvement of quality educational services for students with disabilities.

Best Regards,
Dr. Rosalind A. Hall
President, Florida CASE

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Landis Stetler Scholarship

Florida CASE has established a scholarship program to award financial scholarships in the name of Dr. Landis Stetler, a pioneer and great leader in exceptional student education (ESE) in the state of Florida and the nation. The award will be made annually at the Florida CEC conference. Beginning with the 2012 scholarship award, recipients may apply to continue the scholarship in subsequent years while completing their degree program.

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