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Greetings from the President

Dear Fellow CASE Members,

Thank you.

It has been a pleasure and honor to serve as the President of Florida CASE.

The years have been eventful and productive.

With your help, my primary goal as President has been met by bringing transparency to Florida CASE. With the Board’s approval, the By-Laws have been updated and the amended By-Laws have been sent to National CASE.

With your help, may the transparency continue with open lines of communication between the members, and with the Board open to address questions, suggestions, or concerns.

With your help, Florida CASE received a national award for increased Membership in 2017.

With your help, Florida CASE initiated the “Conference Binder” which allowed our organization to “go green” with organizational meetings.

With your help, Florida CASE has rebuilt the treasury. My hope is that these funds will be used to assist our members in preparing for their responsibilities. With participation in organizations, workshops, trainings, and seminars, your involvement statewide will contribute in providing benefits to the children we serve.

My parting wish is for your continued success, professionally and personally, and I will enjoy a continued partnership with Florida CASE as a member.

Again, thank you for all you have done, all that you do, and for all the support you have given to our children and to Florida CASE.

Cathy Dofka
President, Florida CASE

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Landis Stetler Scholarship

Florida CASE has established a scholarship program to award financial scholarships in the name of Dr. Landis Stetler, a pioneer and great leader in exceptional student education (ESE) in the state of Florida and the nation. The award will be made annually at the Florida CEC conference. Beginning with the 2012 scholarship award, recipients may apply to continue the scholarship in subsequent years while completing their degree program.

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